Welcome to ChainSwitch

The ultimate cross-chain DEX aggregating protocol.

A fully composable native asset cross-chain aggregator with unified liquidity supporting over 20+ blockchains, 40+ DEXs and more than 20,000 crypto assets.

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Why ChainSwitch

Multi-chain technology at its finest

Chainswitch enables secure seamless swaps across multiple blockchains in a single transaction without intermediary bridge, chain or asset.

By combining new-gen technology and endpoints, Chainswitch is able to provide insights to key smart contract details such as; tax, max tx, wallet limit, supply, liquidity lock and other malicious codes that enable a quick and secure trading experience to our users. 

Our mission is to aggregate decentralized exchanges, foster interoperability and establish a permissionless market for our users.


Key features

Cross-Chain Smart Routing

Chainswitch aggregates liquidity to enable swaps without relying on wrapped tokens, bridges or intermediate chains.

Switch Pools

Chainswitch provides safe pools that can be utilized to earn rewards while holding $SWITCH tokens. Stake $SWITCH to earn. High APR, low risk.

Limit Order

Chainswitch allow users to trade tokens at predetermined price points. Our cross-chain DEX enables order book trades that are automatically executed after preset conditions are met.

Secure & Autonomous

Chainswitch is a permissionless automated market maker implemented as a set of fixed open-source smart contracts deployed across the supported blockchains. Users maintain self-custody of their tokens while liquidity providers remain solvent and verifiable on-chain by the open-source code.

The token


$SWITCH is the official governance token of Chainswitch.

$SWITCH smart contract is fully audited by both CFG & Analytix Audit. Liquidity pool tokens are securely locked. This means zero risk to users and our community.

Total Supply: 10,000,000 $SWITCH
Tax: 3%



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Our team

Our team comprises of experienced developers, defi experts & visionaries. Decentralized and remote.